Scrapz + Doodlez from variouz yearz!

Az of right now i plan on finishing none of these



took awhile even though itz more doodle like



I spent liek 2 hours on this becuse i tried an acutal background but nope, itz still gonna be on here

IMG-4767 IMG-4531 IMG-4532 IMG-4533 IMG-4534 IMG-6853 IMG-4536 IMG-6080 IMG-4539 IMG-4538 IMG-4540

2021 + 2020 scrapz

Not fully archiving 2021 and 2020 (or art from before 2020) art since thatz a waste of time, ehile they show growth itz not rlly somthin i want on here to be honest No datez on here ethier

Screenshot-20240611-213524-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213433-Hellopet 20240611-215026 Screenshot-20240611-212950-Hellopet 20240611-215012 Screenshot-20240611-213128-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213042-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213224-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213319-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213243-Hellopet Screenshot-20240611-213329-Hellopet IMG-9154 IMG-9157 IMG-9158 IMG-9166 IMG-9164 IMG-9163 IMG-9162 IMG-9160 IMG-9167
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