Hey!! I'm Max or Toony like i said on the homepage!

I am a teenager, i love to learn about stuff and explore! I hope to be an animator one day, it haz been my dream job since i waz born really! (Well i wanted to do other stuff at timez, it'z alwayz been in the back of my mind, lurking.) I grew up with DVDz and seeing the behind the scenez and storyboardz that would play after the movie or show az a kid waz a HUGE inspration for me. I also like making charcterz at timez. I luv old cartoonz n Epic Mickey like i said eariler, i have alwayz watched them and i played Epic Mickey when i waz younger but i really got into em in late 2018

I own a very kool basset hound, i have made 2 seprate school presentationz on Epic Mickey (one on a kool AU i found, and yez I presented them),i once ate candle wax az a kid, i love bright colorz and stuff. My favorite animalz are rabbitz, catz, dogz, capybaraz, pandaz, Mice, sealz n more. My favorite Artist that i'm into recently iz Neil cicierega aka Lemon Demon! My favorite halloween costumez i've done are Nutty from HTF, Maddie hatter from ever after high, a sugar skull, and soon for halloween 2023: Oswald the lucky rabbit!

I thought coding seemed interesting but too much for me, i even had a coding class 2 yearz ago and i forgot everything! But this is super kool and i hope to keep learning how to code here<3

I know i already have a gigantic stamp hoard, but these are onez that i feel like they were made for me